Netvibes is back with some changes

Here are my first impressions on the new Netvibes after the "Spring update":

  1. Netvibes seems to charge faster but not extra fast ;) that is also because I have too many tabs and feeds.
  2. The Drive icon in the upper menu has been taken away :( Is that meaning that the 2 free Giga Drive will not be offered anymore ?
  3. In Add Content a new Start Wizard option is offered for the new users. By clicking it you are asked for your Localisation ant your main interest. I have tryed it yesterday and I was not really impressed as when I was looking for "design" I was offered only all the searches on "design" but not a single Feed... At the moment, nothing equals human elaborated content. You can try it even if you have already Ginger, as it will just add more Tabs to your page.
Some Bugs:
  1. The native Feed Reader does not allow the "read all" in one click on the number of unreaded items as before .
  2. The "My community" widget and the Update Profile are not working but probably because Netvibes will wait for all servers being upgraded. (?)
  3. some of My Followers are marked with the green icon even if have not added them as Friends so there is no use for the green icon !
As always some users complained that the site was off for more time than scheduled and that there was no way to have a backup server even with a limited access. That should be improved.

But, I would like to thank publicly the All Netvibes team for their work day and night !


Pierre Chappaz said...

What a good job you do...wanna do a Wikio Experience Site in parallel ?

(Mail on my blog)

Pierre Chappaz

NetEx said...

Thanks Pierre.

I will study the proposition ;)