Some Netvibes Ginger users want to downgrade to Coriander

TheNetvibes Blog comments shows that some Netvibes users are not happy with the Ginger release. Many find it too slow.

If you think the same,

  1. try to empty your cache with this "magic" url: httt://www.netvibes.com/?reset_cache=1
  2. send an email to Netvibes support team (check for feeback in the bottom menu of your page)
But, if you really prefer to go back and downgrade to previuos version Coriander, still available from Netvibes, here is how to do it:

1) get a new Netvibes account with a different email

2) do not register to go to Ginger

3) import your Feeds from the Ginger version with the OPML file (that is a catalogue of RSS and ATOM feeds you use).

To get your own OPLM file with Ginger :
  1. go to Add Content
  2. Add a feed
  3. look for the small text OPML and select export

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