Netvibes is not fully working ( 15 hours after beginning of maintenance)

Main problem: all My Activities .

Here a comment from a netviber user on the Netvibes blog on the subject:

Netvibes is a professional product. Too bad the network operation is so utterly amateur.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think you are for Netvibes and then I read this post! So funny! I appreciate the honest truth...too bad I don't really like Netvibes. I think they are over-rated. Ginger was a strong attempt, but I think it was all hype. Good job Netvibes Marketing.

NetEx said...

Thanks anonymus from Belgium ;)

If you do not use Netvibes what do you use ?

And no, I am not from Netvibes but I can also be positive towards people that are working hard to offer me and many others, FOR FREE, a service that I find good enough.