If I wanted to earn revenues with Netvibes...


I was thinking about which ways I could use if I wanted to get revenues with Netvibes.

Here is a first list:

  1. creating an "exclusive content Univers" using Netvibes as a "media platform" to aggregate content with several different widgets and selling the audience to Advertisers. These Content Universes (say the "New York Restaurants Univers by Peter: lists, reviews, suggestions ") should have some kind of exclusivity and promotion from Netvibes or they could just be "rented" to Netvibes .
  2. creating "single widgets" to be placed on Netvibes and other platforms and selling that audience to Advertisers
  3. getting an exclusive deal with Netvibes as their only Advertising Sales agency selling cumulative or targetted audiences to Advetisers
For all of those, I would need some agreement from Netvibes and more data on the actual users.

And you will correctly guess which is my preferred solution at the moment...

If there are many others with ideas like this, netvibes could have found its business model.

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