Problems with Steekr.com (online storage)


has I just posted that Netvibes and Agematis, a French provider of online storage, have announced that Agemantis will provide Netvibes with personal online storage technology for its millions of users, I wanted to test already the service offered by Agematis under the label Steekr.com.

  1. it was very, very slow
  2. it was not at all intuitive
  3. it asked to me to install a plug-in
  4. since then, by just calling steekr.com from my favourites, my Internet Explorer 6 shuts down !! (UPDATE: the same happens with FireFox 2 !)
  5. I was not able to upload or download anything...

Conclusions: I hope that this service will improve, or ... well I will miss that online storage.

Hope also that netvibes will check this out.


Gabriel Radic said...

Hi Netviber,

I'm a product manager at Agematis and work on steekR.

While the "not at all intuitive" bit can be debated, I'm sort of puzzled by the plugin and slowness issues. I'm not putting the blame it on you, but ...you're the only user having this issues so far :-)

Would you try out the V2 beta? It runs on a different server and much of the fron-end is rewritten, maybe you'll have more luck http://beta.steekr.com

And if you could contact our support, I'm sure they'll sort out the issues with the current version.


Netviber001 said...

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for your prompt reply!

I tried de V2 beta but the problem I have is the same! As soon as I type in my username and password, the web brouwser shuts down!

I will try to contact your support.

Netviber001 said...

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for your email!

Here is the text of the email I just received from SteekR confirming the Crash due to the Java aplet that with some research I found which aplet it was: the J2SE RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT 5.0 UPDATE 11 from SUN MICROSYSTEM

SteekR uses the java technology for uploads, to have your browsers working correctly you need to install the latest version of java, you can find it here : http://www.java.com and then reboot your computer. The reboot is very important, if you don't reboot your IE and your FF will crash as soon as they try to load an applet java.

Try this procedure, this should resolve your problem.
We're still at your disposal if needed.

Best regards,


Support engineer