Netvibes has Premium Widgets category


browsing the Netvibes Ecosystem I stumbled on some Widgets that were stamped premium Widgets. With a little search here is the explanation:

"With Premium Widgets, save additional space for your screen by merging feeds from one website in one handy widget. Forget about RSS, every time a new RSS feed is available, it will automatically appear on the widget."

At first it looks interesting if you are interested in all the tabs that the widget is offering you.


  • if you want to reed fast the What's News AND the Business tabs of the WSJ, then 2 separates feeds will work faster.
  • the LOGO : you can not modify, reduce or delete... and it takes a few pixel .
  • the Widget Title: you can not modify, reduce or delete.

In fact those PREMIUM WIDGETS are "produced and mantained" by Netvibes with the aim to get a revenues from this. If the program works, it should bring in the future that no WSJ feeds could be available on Netvibes except for the branded one ...

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