Netvibes Universes: just a Directory of data sources

I was looking for some interesting Universes in Netvibes, and I found them quite boring in fact. All of them.

Let's see the most popular (by the way, there is no sign of any downloads numbers contrary to the Widgets): Marianne, a French news magazine.
You have loads of RSS Feeds , the Forums, the Podcasts, the Videos and the Podcasts and the blogs all from one source : the Marianne magazine.
It is ok, if you want to choose only from it, let's say it is a Directory of Data sources from one supplier.
But there is no life, no added content, no way to create something.
It is just a Free News Stand from 1 source!

And almost all Universe are like thet, they add the weather (why?) , if they are Commercial Brand Universes (like Glenfiddich) there is a little game but, so what ?

Who is going to add those games to its own page ? If you know , tell me.

Is that all for the WEB 2.0 Personalized Homepage innovator ? I hope not!

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