Netvibes Start page is so poor for new users


since Netvibes has decided to look for the Mainstream users, it should think more to the average new user.

Let's think about the Netvibes first page when you are not already registred with Netvibes and you are a beginner in the Web2.0 world.

What you get with no effort if you live in a European Capital (like me) and you arrive on http://www.netvibes.com/ because you read about it or a friend sent you an email about it ?
You get that (see the screen shot)

  1. The weather widget already set to your Internet Supplier hometown (this city can be some KM away from your actual place)

  2. a Feed from the Natioanl news papers (also given by your IP address)

  3. a Feed from the national Tv/radio (also given by your IP address)
  4. an Unknown Blog feed

  5. an Email Widget assistant

  6. a Video search widget set on :" music"

  7. a Web search widget

  8. the netvibes blog feeds

  9. a Webnote with a short welcome message by Netvibes

  10. a todo widget

  11. a facebook widget

  12. an Image search widget set on "lighthouse"

In conclusion: very little Local content that could give to the new user the sense of what a great service Netvibes could give him/her.

Even if the new user select s, in the settings the Local content all what he can get is a list in the left side bar of a selection of News feeds (not a complete one and with no description).

Netvibes should remeber that "new users" do not know what to use Netvibes for when they saw Netivibes for the first time !


Netvibes, could have easily supplied the new user with a widget search in the Ecosystem for the city and Country name if they had asked him at some point !

Or better, some one could have prepared a "best of" for each country with a selection of major cities to be promped at any new user.

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