Netvibes Drive: 2GB storage space for every user !


duringthe Paris during LEWEB3.0 conference Netvibes and Agematis, French provider of online storage, have announced that Agemantis will provide Netvibes with personal online storage technology for its millions of users.

For once, the press release is sufficiently clear to just transcripted:

"Agematis, provider of online data storage and sharing solutions under the Steekr name, and Netvibes, pioneer of the personalized banner page, have combined their expertise to offer the users of Netvibes an online file storage and sharing service. Fully integrated in the new version of the Netvibes site, the service will be available on the personalized pages of Netvibes users as well as in Netvibes universes".

"The upgrade of the 30 million personalized pages created with Netvibes across more than 150 countries will happen over the next coming weeks. Thanks to this service, completely based on the Agematis Steekr technology, each user of the Netvibes community will have access to a 2GB storage space that will be extendable upon request."

"Within the Netvibes environment, the service will make it possible for everyone to play his/her music, to look at his/her movies or to create a slideshow of his/her photographs without having to download anything on his/her computer."

Agematis is headquartered in Bordeaux (France). The main sales office is located in Paris and the Company also operates sales offices in London, San Francisco and Sao Paulo.

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Deoki said...

@_@ Holly nuts! Thats a lotta giga!

I wonder when this will be available to us (sweet Ginger) users...