NEW USER TAB: to help you start your Netvibes page if you are a new user


If you are a "New User" and you would like to start using Netvibes, the first screen offerd at the moment by Netvibes is, as I already posted, so poor ...

So I prepared and published a tab, the NEW USER TAB that could be used as a starting point to build a "good" starting page for Netvibes new users.

The idea is that Netvibes should ask the new user something like :
"Please set your location to receive local news, blog feeds, weather and more "

As it is not exisitng at the moment, in my tab, I have done it by hand.
For starting the discussion I choose : DUBLIN and IRELAND but it would work for any other location.

The Tab presents what could be a new "new user tab" for Netvibes with:

a Weather widget (already existing)
some local news blogs (already existing) that I choosed from Netvibes Local content : Ireland
the email wizard widget (already existing)
the Ebay widget (already existing)
a map search (already existing)
the Ecosystem search widget (already existing)
and many searches widgets set on DUBLIN and the same set on IRELAND

The searches on the Location with the instruction on how to get the FEEDS directly on his new page should "inspire" the new user offering a choice of sources. The best selection is made, according to me, by Google.

That way, with the addition of a short Webnote to explain the first moves and with the links to FAQ and ECOSYSTEM it should help the user to catch the real value of the use of Netvibes.

the ECOSYSTEM Latest modules search widget is not working properly.
If I search in the widget for IRELAND it gives no results when if I search directly in the Ecosystem I can find 57 results of which some are pertinent.

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