Why Netvibes is not organizing any Prize Contest ?


here are some of my Marketing considerations on Netvibes

Now that Netvibes is more and more focused on mainstream users, I am surprise to notice that Netvibes is very keen to organize Parties for nerds (at Web conferebes as Le Web 3 in Paris or WEB2.0 in Berlin or ...) but nothing has been thought for developers and users at least since last year!

A Contest would create more emulation and more exposure. Prize would not be difficult to find for a company based in PARIS... (from Champagne bottles to Luxury weekends).

I have some ideas for contest:

  • most innovative use of Netvibes page
  • most complete on a certain subject
  • most creative layout
  • most easy to use
  • Netviber user of the Month
  • Netviber developer of the Month
  • Widget of the Month

and some categories could be created:

  • Travel
  • Food/cooking
  • Health
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Brands ...

Each contest would last a few weeks and would be open to anyone. A short list should be selected by a "selected" pannel of independent Specialists on the matter. The short list would be then proposed to all the "netvibes community" that could vote for their best choice. (1 user = 1 vote).

The better the prizes, the bigger the buzz...

The overall result would be a bigger awareness of alternative uses and subjects already available in the Netvibes community.

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