How to prepare a trip to London (UK) with Netvibes


Let's assume I want to prepare a trip , say, to: LONDON, UK. How can Netvibes help me?
(Here is what I wrote about "Travel with Netvibes ")

If I know well Netvibes, I will do:

1) First, I select local content in SETTINGS/ LOCAL CONTENT/EUROPE/ UNITED KINGDOM
2) Then I must go to the ADD CONTENT/ FEEDS/ FEATURED FEEDS. There I have a selection of 12 Feeds on UK in general , (5 from the BBC)
3) if I go for ADD/CONTENT/FEED DIRECTORY by clicking on each of the tab I will get a few Uk feeds more spiecialized in Travel, Entertainment, Internet... But nothing on LONDON , so now I go for the Netvibes Ecosystem.

4) there I search for London, or better I choose the Tag London and I have more than 60 results.

The first interesting is the i-m-tro module by Patrice, where by choosing the city you want to travel (Londo, Paris, Ny, ...) you have a search module helping you to find your way in the public transportation systems of more 250+ cities around the world! I select London, UK.
Now to go from Waterloo station to Trafalgar square, I choose:
Waterloo (and the module proposed me 3 choices) and Trafalgar ( and the module proposed me to complete with square) I can then add the Day and the our to use the Tube. I could have checked or not the following choices: Tube, DLR, River Service , First Capital Connect,Croydon, C2C , Silverlink , Southwest Trains , Southern , Southend, ONE South Eastern Trains , First Great Western , Airport Services by train or Airport Services by bus.

This is result is:
Waterloo International Station - Trafalgar Square (Sunday 20:00)
Best routeTime about 14 minutes - 0 connection(s)
At Waterloo International Station -->Walk to -->Waterloo -->Take Northern Line (Char.C.)Direction High BarnetMill Hill EastEdgwareNorthbound
Get off at -->Charing Cross -->Walk to -->Trafalgar Square

Impressive! Looks complete but as I am not from London I needsomone to check it in the real world!

5) Then I could choose a TAB UK TRANSPORT containing a selection of UK transport news feeds. But the only interesting are Feeds from Google News and Technorati that I will modify myself to have more precise news on London.

6) Then I have feeds, a lot of them, but many are for London cities in the USA ! I select instead a few feeds on London Orchestras.

7) Then I search for TRAVEL on Netvibes Ecosystem and I have more than 130 results. I go for the Tabs and I found TRAVEL: with just 3 Widgets: Mobissimo, a travel search widget, nice and sober that gives results in the widget.; Travelocity, another travel search widget that opens an external windows with the results. I added myself another Travel search Widget: Kayak search (that opens also in external windows).

8) There was also a Google map Widget ( a few to choose from : Google Map and Search that can search sushi, hotels, pizzas, coffes shop (Well American style food...); Google map by Cristophe (simple and clear) .

9) Then with the Netvibes Search Widget I looked for "LONDON BLOGS" and I selected: the Directory of London Bloggers amazing how many you can have! My preferred are LONDONIST and LONDON LOGUE.

10) Then from the ADD CONTENT of Netvibes I added the Weather Widget, A calendar for UK Holydays, A London Daily Photos .... I add also a TRAFIC TRAVEL NEWS UK Widget,

In my new TAB : LONDON (UK) I have now 38 from Widgets and Feeds all setted on LONDON. I will publish it in the Netvibes ecosystem so that if others are interested, they will not lose my 3-4 hours of work.

Still, I am sure that something is missing.

Let me know.

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Richard said...

Thanks for tips. I'm going to visit London in next month.
i read a lot about London and I always dreamed to visit this amazing city. I also booked in hotel room and want to rent a Limousine London for few hours and to have an excursion around the city.
I want to visit all famous London's sightseeing, such as the Big Bang, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and others.
Thanks for interesting blog.