No sex in Netvibes


After my post of yesterday about the necessity for Netvibes to increase their offer of Content, I wanted to evaluate the Content offered today by Netvibes, so I went for the Netvibes Ecosystem.

But there is no Directory to choose content from. The only Directory I found in Netvibes is in the Add Content of the Netvibes home page, in Feeds, where you have a Feed Directory: Top Headlines, Sport, Finance, Business, Tech, Internet, ...

So I tried with their Search but as I wrote yesterday it is not effective so I figured out to test the TAGS which gives the number of Widgets, feeds, Universes, tabs, ... that are tagged with the chosen word.

Here are the number of results for any chosen tag:

news = more than 300

podcast = more than 100

finance = more than 180

internet = more then 160

google = more than 80

But in an optic to have a more popular Netvibes I looked for everyday words:

food = more than 150

music = more than 420

sport = more than 200

love = more than 130

weather = 31

Then also because I can be a naughty boy, I checked the S word:

sex and guess what I was expecting at least 100 like podcast, or 200 as sport but the result is just 23 !!!

Well it was perhaps the Tag a bit to strong so what about:

erotic = just 2 !!

Then I went to Google Trends to check about the searches made in 2006 worldwide and here is the resulting graph with the following terms in dicreasing order:

red=sex than light blu= google than yellow=music than green=love and finally dark blue=sport.

So SEX is a much searched word in 2006 (2005, 2004, 2003...) than Google but also than love, food, sport,... That was no surprise to me as markets for VCR recorders, Satellite TV and of course Internet were and are driven by sex.
The lack of significative erotic presence is there to signify that there is no real business to be done in a homepage-platform like Netvibes? Or it is just that there is not enough audience ? Or, that personal homepages are the last "no-sex" territory?

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