WHO is behind Netvibes_ part 6


this discussion WHO is Behind Netvibes started here.

9) FRANCK MAHON , Lead Product Manager , French , born 1975.

Franck like to define himself as: "Web2.0, digital media and podcast evangelist".

His personal Blog in French is centered on the PODCAST

10) Francois HODIERNE, Chief Architect, French.

François is in charge also with the relations with the external developers of Netvibes with the http://dev.netvibes.com/forum.

His personal blog in French is not often updated.

11) Annabelle MALHERBE, CFO, French

Annabelle was previuosly European Finance Director of Yahoo Marketplace France.
Now she is also in charge with the relation with the VCs

All 3 have been mentionned by Tariq KRIM (CEO and founder of Netvibes) as the Team leader behind Netvibes now that Pierre Chappaz has left.

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