Tariq KRIM interviewed after CHAPPAZ quits Netvibes


Tariq KRIM (CEO and founder of Netvibes) has given his first interview at neteco.com a French website about the net economy. and he speaks about the situation after former Co-CEO Pierre Chappaz has left the company with some other top managers.

First, Tariq presents the Top Managers of Netvibes:
Franck Mahon , Lead product manager
Francois Hodierne, Chief Architect
Freddy Mini, COO
Annabelle Malherbe, CFO

On the points of disagreement with Pierre Chappaz , Tariq Krim says:
" I did not share with (Pierre) him the urgency to compromise our product strategy by offering services as third partiy suppliers ."

On the Competition from Wikio (founded and managed by Pierre Chappaz) with their new RSS service, Tariq Krim says that Netvibes is already the Third Source for RSS reading (according to Feedburner : well here we see Fourth...)

On Revenues, Tariq Krim is explicit when he says that RSS will only give marginal revenues and that he believes more on Widgets monetisation. "We work at the moment with numerous partners on monetization and branding of the Widgets".

Tariq Krim clarifies also that there was no disagreement with Chappaz on the Exit strategy or Selling Out.

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