Revenues of Netvibes could come from Widget Monetization


in the same interview discussed here, Tariq Krim, Ceo and founder of Netvibes, says more aboutpossible future revenues.

On Revenues, Tariq Krim is explicit when he says that RSS will only give marginal revenues and that he believes more on Widgets monetization. "We work at the moment with numerous partners on monetization and branding of the Widgets".

"Widgets monetization is exploding".

"CBS has chosen Netvibes to widgetize the broadcasting of their videos on the web. The movies Rush Hours 3 with Jacky Chan or Hairspray with John Travolta use our Universes to promote the launch of their movies in the USA."

As Tariq Krim is not clear on the ways to do that Widget Monetization, here are some good ways to it:
1) Ads in the widget.
2) Ads within the content in the widget. Individual posts can contain advertising.
3) Ads between the posts within the widget. It is possible to have ads in between certain posts (e.g. between the second and third articles.)
4) Pre-roll/post-roll in a video in the widget.

(from http://walkerfenton.blogspot.com/search/label/widget%20monetization)

So far, the discussion around monetization has centered on how publishers can monetize the widgets that people embed on other sites.
Perhaps this is the wrong question – or an incomplete question. Maybe the discussion should be around how the widget itself can be a monetization platform for the host site.

(from: http://www.sexywidget.com/my_weblog/2006/12/widgets_and_mon.html)

Interesting page to read if you are interested:

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