I continue to search for the Content offered by Netvibes. (started here)

Now, if I consider Netvibes as a good Platform for my content (as Netvibes can be accessed by PC and Macs, IE and FireFox, ADSL and Mobile ) one of the first uses I will want to explore as a Netviber is : TRAVEL with NETVIBES.

In that case I would like to find on my Netvibes Page the following:

  1. Maps,
  2. Travel guides,
  3. Accomodations
  4. Restaurants
  5. Shopping
  6. Tips,
  7. Time Tables,
  8. Local News,
  9. Event list,
  10. Weather forecasts,
  11. Booking facility,
  12. Pictures and videos,
  13. Places to go,
  14. Calendar,
  15. Email checking and sending
  16. Usefull numbers-links,
  17. selection of Local Blogs,
  18. Social opportunities and why not:
  19. job opportunities,
  20. short rentings,
  21. children activities
  22. sport facilities,....

All the above will be set just for my needs giving me just the info I need where I need it.

I know it is a lot but in a way or another we need all need that. It could be a huge market!

And with Netvibes (or a similar pernsonalized page) I could travel with it, or just consult it in an internet cafe'. I could also use it by printing some of it.

Of course, Google, Yahoo ore other sites are offering something like that but everything is their choice: take it or leave it.

I would prefer my own selection, with my page organized as I want it : with the weather coming from different sources and placed on the top right, the local news on the left, the webcam of the day in the middle, and....

But can Netvibes help me in planning and enjoying my trip ?

Will see it in another discussion...

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