Why iGoogle is so unattractive ?


I started this discussion on Philip Wilkinson Blog: http://blog.crowdstorm.com but I think it is interesting enough to continue it here.

” Why iGoogle is so unattractive at the moment?” and therefore opens the way to independent personalised start-up pages like Netvibes.

My answers:

1) Google does not think that there is a market in start pages
2) They just wait and see and buy the best
3) They are not able to do it better
4) They are afraid to spoil their other established revenues

Philip Wilkinson ones:

5) They haven’t really promoted it a lot
6) They have hundreds of products on the go now and it often would be hard to manage time and resource effectively on one single one compared with a start-up
7) They were later in the market
8) I’m sure they are trying to think of how advertising would work on a personalised start-up experience to see if they can make money from the thing / encourage take-up of their other products through it.

Now it is open to you. Do you have ideas ?


Matt Stark said...

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Destination Web Sites: Beware of iGoogle Gadgets, Alternative = Netvibes.com Modules



Jason said...

The best alternative to iGoogle is GloTouch ( http://www.glotouch.com ). It allows you to create a custom homepage with every option you can think of.