I voted 5 times in the TIME 50 Best Websites 2007 POLL


I just discovered that by just hitting my back button I can vote as many times as I want in the TIME 50 Best Websites 2007 POLL!! (Look at the just published discussion on TIME naming Netvibes in the 50 Best Websites 2007 )

I can see that it works because the POLL results are increasing...

Try yourself... and do not trust online POLLS !!


1) go to the Netvibes poll page
2) vote
3) go to the POLL RESULTS page
4) read total votes for Netvibes (I only vote for them ;) ) :716 votes
5) hit the back button of your browser (I am with IE6 and WXP)
6) vote again ... and that's it!!

I hope nobody is voting against ... but only for their favorites.

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