Netvibes needs strong VIRAL APPROACH

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But at the end of the day, Pierre CHAPPAZ, the WEB 1.0 entrepreneur (Kelkoo and Yahoo) , has left.
That means that for him there was no Business Future for Netvibes worth to wait for.

If we want to be able to use Netvibes in the future with better functions, Netvibes has to become a succesful WEB 2.0 company.it

For that itwill be necessary for Netvibes to find ways to create:

1) revenues streams
2) customer fidelity
3) higher circulation

According to me, Netvibes will achieve that only with a unique, clear and strong VIRAL APPROACH. The VIRAL APPROACH needs to be applied not only to Marketing but also to Revenues...


Well... As always, I have a little idea about how to achieve that.

Users can be customers, sucribers or ... ?

Let me know.

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