Netvibes' Contacts (black) Board review

Just a few lines to present my view on the Contacts board of Netvibes in the Ginger upgrade (but why not everybody is in Ginger ?).

Well, the background ... is black but as you will see also the My Followers that are also my Friends are highlighed ... in a blackcard, but in a ... darker black AND with a green sign on the right side. The Followers that are not (already ? ;)) my friends are just ... in black with no other sign. The "My Friends" option works in the same way.

As a general impression I would say that for my small screen a lot of space is lost ... in black as only my friends/followers are presented by groups of 8.

At the same time the "My Followers"/"My Friends" sign is repeated twice: in the left menu and in the Contact board. And also a lot of space is lost under the cards. With out those lost spaces a third row of contacts could be arranged, if needed.

Some Friends/Followers are presented with Name AND Firstname on 1 row others on 2 : it could be easier to have all on 2 rows. The 3rd row is the country one when declared.

On the practical side, Netvibes should do better than other Social Networks, by giving better ways to:

  • display friends (not only date of subscription),
  • browse between friends in the 2 directions (first/last),
  • offering funny applications to visualize relationship between friends...
  • create groups of interest ...
I know, I know that all that will come, but I am so impatient ...

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