WEB PAGE PLUS: a 5star widget to get just the piece of page you need in your Netvibes

If you want to have on your Netvibes page just a part of a Web Page and you are not able to get it with the Automatic Parser, you still have a chance to get it with the new WEB PAGE PLUS.

This Widget has also been created by Twisterss in just 2 hours !! as I was reviewing his excellent Automatic Parser Widget,

It is inspired by the WEB PAGE widget, one of the Essential Widgets of Netvibes that offers you the possibility to "import" an all specified Web page by just getting its web http address (url).
But where is the adventage to have an all page in your own Netvibes page ? And what if you just need, as all of us, just a small part of the page, not the ads, nor the index or the pictures but just one piece of "preciuos data"?

"The Web Page Plus widget is an UWA widget that makes exactly the same things as the Web Page widget in essential widgets of netvibes, except that it can save your position in the displayed web page to go back to this position when it is reloaded."

It allows you to create really easily widgets that display the part of the web page you want.

Let's say you are interested in Space and you like the NASA web site .

But you like the Nasa's VIDEOS and you want it in your Netvibes without the Top header and the left header (see first image). The Automatic Parser is not working (javascript code or else) so you take your Web Page Plus widget and you put the Url. then you scroll right and down untill the part of page is ok , you choose the size of the widget and, before leaving, YOU SAVE.

Then every time you come back your widget will just positionned where you left it, ready to work for you. (here on the right)

Rating: 5*****/5 for an effective Widget that can be used everywhere !

Defintively to be added to my collection of REALLY ESSENTIAL WIDGETS that you can check in my Netvibes' Universe.

Only BUG but not coming from the Widget but from Netvibes' Ginger is the impossibility, at the moment, to transfer the Widget with my settings (Url, size, scrolls) to other people.

For future uses, a width size will be perhaps needed.

You can get this well done widget here:

Add to Netvibes

or on Twisterss Universe or in the Netvibes Ecosystem.

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