March Updated list of Ze Best Netvibes Universe by NetEx

The new March UPDATED LIST of BEST UNIVERSES by NetEx with links. No specific order.

  1. Best Layout 5*****: KARINE: Another new Universe : even better !
  2. Ze Digital Video Universe 4*: by xamcec, a creative Universe. Check it ! Very Heavy Loading !
  3. 37 Tabs of Interesting Content: many varied fields (gardening, in a creative way by Jadlat
  4. A very Good almost official City Content: for Grenoble, France
  5. The (Official ?) Finacial Times Universe: the FT on Netvibes
  6. Medical Feeds (mainly in Spanish) : if you are interested in the field
  7. The European Union (UnOfficial) Universe: very good and complete.

  1. National Content: GERMANY by Novesia: stylish with humour. Very good Tab title and content . I want more like this ;)
  2. National Content: The Netherlands : a stilish and complete Universe by Rotvibes
  3. Nice Layout: CROUSTIGLAM: nice, fresh, would like to have an empty Tab just to look at the wallpaper ;)
  4. Content Web Design, Fints, CSS, layouts ... by Me So Horny: hundreds of feeds...
  5. Content Web2.0, Mktg, Management,... : complete
  6. Content Local Community Universe: a premium Universe for a small community. We need them !
  7. Content: FIDIS Consortium (Future of Identity in the Information Society) with LSE, INSEAD, IBM...
  8. Content: French Juridiacal Database Universe: if you need it...
  9. Good French only Feeds by Founder of Wikio : all feeds with picture: I like
  10. Nice Brazilian Food TAB: miam miam
  11. NetEX07 Award for Best Serious Layout: will have to improve to maintain title ...
  12. NetEx07 Award for Best Unserious Layout: very good, could perhaps add some cartoons
  13. NetEx07 Award for Best Headline Picture: New York, New York...
  14. Nice Layout: I like dark background ;)
  15. Swedish Content:
  16. NetExp07 Award for Best Arty Page ***: I just liked it
  17. Miss Netvibes: Verenice (and she can sing too) !
  18. Content: Medical Library Toolbox: a very good job and professional !!
  19. Best Commercial site: Jajah
  20. Content: News and Blogs on the European Union: if you are interested
  21. Content US PRESIDENTIAL Elections ***: Best content so far by a pro
  22. Content: Web Entrepreneur: we all know one ;)
  23. Content: All on Netvibes: Yes, my universe, but at the moment is the best ;)
  24. Content: Official Netvibes Universe: check and compare with mine ;)
  25. Content: First Sex Universe: check it if you have your parents permission ;)
After the success of the last BEST UNIVERSES 2007 Awards I decided to share with everyone my preferred Public NetvibesUniverses so here my New tab: "Best Universes by NetEx".

It is just a personnal choice to show other users work, taste, efforts and findings.

I am still looking for good and rich content (not just copy/paste or just feeds) coupled with nice, original design. Everybody is still "under construction" and I am sure we will have interesting discoveries.

I have a Message Board for you to drop me an Universe URL (yours or one you liked) or your comments and I will check it... But wait untill you have something solid to show.

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