I want a Netvibes Directory of Content

The most frustrating thing when you have a powerful tool is not to have enough material to use it.

Imagine your super new full HD Tv 16/9 screen just showing only '60 B/W 4/3 sitcoms or your super flat super light Mac Air just for typing your expenses notes: A Nightmare !

Now, you have this Netvibes Ginger, ZE Social Homepage, with powerful tools: ALL FEEDS, REMIXED FEED READER, STAR IT ! , MY WALL, MY UNIVERSE, MY COMMUNITY and using it just for reading your Friends Twitters, the BBC World news, TechCrunch feeds and a few friends' blog : what a waste !

Where is the discovery ? Where is the all Web ? Where is the All Netvibes Community ? What I am missing ? What is the new content that you were looking for but without knowing it ?

Well, all of that could/should be in a Netvibes DIRECTORY of CONTENT.

The 2 Mln different RSS feeds that Netvibes users have found should be "offered" to other users in many forms:

  • most read
  • by language
  • by country
  • by subject
It is not easy to do it and at first a "handmade" version would probably be necessary. But a lot Netviber users, I am sure, would be interested to be part of this action ;)

We could start with a DMOZ structure, the one at the source of the first Google Page Ranking, that Netvibes users, in a Wiki style, could use to rate Feeds and Universe

Mean while you can check sites like: AllTop and a copy/clone for SouthAmerica Notilat and imagine the same page but with a little green sign with a white cross at the side of each feed source meaning : add it to my Netvibes page.

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