Netvibes users want an "import all TAB" option from other's Universes

More and more Ginger users of Netvibes, and I am with them, want a new option when visiting a friend's Universe: "import all that Tab":

You can still import one by one the widgets you are interested in, but an import all the Tab would be much more elegant.

And here is another personal request: please, create a Sub-TAB option for users with a lot of Tabs ;)


Anonymous said...

sub tabs would be good, I have asked them to give me an accordian type widget under my main tabs so I can organise the content within the tab rather then more sub tabs.
What do you think

Netviber001 said...

Try it and let us know if it works

Iguane39 said...

I create a subtab script with greasmonkey.

You can try it.