New Friend category is emerging in Social Networks: the Best Friends

As mentionned in this post from Inside Facebook blog, the new Facebook Privacy rules changes are increasing the role of the Friend Lists.

Facebook, as one of the largest Social Networks is also leading the trend. And "Starting last week, Facebook elevated Friend Lists to central status within the Facebook user experience by making it the basis around which users can specifically limit access to certain information for certain friends."

A new Friend category is, in my view, emerging: the Best Friends.

Since now you had just a 1 choice : all of your Friends(as Netvibes , Facebook, FriendFeed ...) or Following (in Twitter, ...) were the same: could read and follow you the same. Now that will change to reflect better the real life.

Your Best Friends will the only one with whom you will share all your "limited" public data.

If Netvibes was to get soon in that breach, that could give birth to "private Universes" with restricted access only to selected Best Friends.

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