Ze REMIXED FEED READER Widget for Netvibes: the best and most complete feeds reader 5*/5

This Remixed Feed Reader Widget is the best and most complete Feed Reader Widget on the market!

It is ZE FEED READER ! You try it and you will never change it !

His creator is once again, already distinguished, .
I have already introduced this widget to you, but let me show you its huge advantages.

1) "Normal Netvibes Reader" vs "Remixed Feed Reader"

Check the image up there, on the left in blue, the "Normal Netvibes Reader" that is at the base of Netvibes succes . Very few options: maximum 25 posts, details or not, posting date but no way to change the title.

In the center, the "Remixed Feed Reader" with the same settings to act as the Normal Netvibes:it looks just a little bit bigger.

Now check the widget on the right is the same "Remixer Feed Reader" but with the "show small images (thumbnails))" option on.

With Ze "Remixed Feed Reader" you can things that your "normal feed reader" can not as:

1. choose to show up to 50 posts,
2. show posts on 1- 2-3-4 or 5 columns

3. change the title or show the original one
4. filter the results with keyword

5. show thumbnails images

but did I mentioned that :

6. an audio and a video player are integrated in the widget
7. you can merge more than one feed ?

Is it not perfect ? And of course you can star (share your favorites) any post.

I will show you exemples of Merge and Filter in future posts.

Only thing to improve: its name , a little dull ;)

Keep watching because the combination of this Remixed Feed Widget with the All Feeds one, also by , will give us a definitive new Netvibes experience.

NetEx Rating: 5*****/5

The perfect Feeds Reader Widget, all in one: simple, clear, easy and working !

Netvibes should place it immediately in their Essential Widgets.

Already added to my collection of REALLY ESSENTIAL WIDGETS that you can check in my Netvibes' Universe.

You can also get here:

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This Widget is an UWA widget that means that it is usable also on: iGoogle, Apple Dashboard, Opera, Windows Vista, Windows Live ... but why would you do that ? ;)

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vinss said...

hi ! I use this widget a lot to order the news by date, very useful and the number of new posts appears next to the tab name.