How to find Friends with Netvibes' Ginger

Here is a comment I found concerning the HOW TO FIND FRIENDS with Netvibes' Ginger release:

Ginger is cool, but it is hard to find people... I suppose we are just supposed to invite our friends. Maybe add a way to find people with similar interests/feeds/widgets/etc?

In fact, when you are upgraded to Ginger, you have already 1 Friend as defualt. His name netvibes.

If you do not know already any "real" friend that is using Netvibes, a first step will be to check the followers of your only friend "netvibes" by clicking on your contacts option in the upper menu.
By browsing between the ever increasing profiles you will find some interesting universes. And by assuming that interesting universe means interesting friend you will add him/her to your list.

Last night http://www.netvibes.com/netvibes counted more than 7.000 followers and they are increasing minutes by minutes.

(at the moment I can not access the http://www.netvibes.com/netvibes profile, probably too many updates)

In the mean time, you can always check my list of preferred Universes .

If you want to add me as a friend ;), here is my Universe.

If you know somebody who could be interested by looking at your Universe you can now use the Invite a friend option.


If Netvibes could provide a well done search for the Universes it could be possible to find a list of users having the same feeds and widgets.
If Universes could be tagged as i suggested, by searching tags you could find friends with similar interests. You could also use localisation or age/sex group.
A proper widget (looking for a friend) could also be setted up ;)

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