new ALL FEEDS Widget : Netvibes Feeds Reader à la "Google Reader": 4*/5

ALL FEED is a clever Widget that will allow you to read all your Feeds in a single module.

Created by Twisterss ( Tristan Groléat), a joung and brillant widget producer (Automatic Parser 5* and Web Page Plus 5*) with ALL FEEDS you will be able also to read only the feeds of any of your individual Tab.

It is the Netvibes version of the Google Reader.

You can select:
- title
- Number of columns to display the content: 1-5
- choose the feeds from any of your Tabs or ALL of them
- to show the unread count
- Number of items to display : up to 50
and the usual opens on the site, more details and post date

The Feeds that are in your Tab or in all your page are automatically sudcribed by the ALL FEEDS widget but if you want to unsuscribe any of them, you have to find on by one the Tab where you charged them and manually delete them.

To install this Widget that has to be inlined in the Netvibes system you need to precisly follow the instructions:
1) Go to Add Content / Essential Widgets and find UWA MODULE
2) click edit copy and paste this addres: http://twisterss.free.fr/api_netvibes/allFeeds/allFeeds.htm
3) check the option "inline this widget"
4) close edit
5) Add the Widget to your page.

HOW it could be Improved ?

As ALL FEEDS reads only the feeds that you have already on your Netvibes page/tab it is a double service for the numereous persons that like the Google way to the feeds (I am not ;) ).

Probably with a widget like this you would need a much higher limit of posts than the current 50... because if you follow let's say 10 blogs or news you could only show 5 for each.

NetEx RATING: 4****/5

A Useful Widget if you like the Google Reader approach with a plus as you can have more columns to read your favorite blogs.

But, if you could add Feeds directly in the Widget and if you could operate there some filtering, then I would be obliged to give it a 5*****.

I have add it in my list of REALLY Essential Widgets on my Universe.
But only works in your private Page.

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