Why Netvibes is not directly upgrading new users to Ginger ?

I had to prepare a Netvibes page for my wife. She is not a techie and does not like all the preparatory staff: register, sign in, confirm ... so I do that for her.

But what a surprise, new users with Netvibes are still stuck with a revamped Coriander release version: a nicer layout, some functionalities like the share widget but no Friends, no Activities.

That means that at the moment, Netvibes puts its best version at more than 8 clicks away from the "not yet user "(check image: 6 steps just to go to Ginger) !!??
If the 6 steps were acceptable for users upgrading from Coriander release, it is not for new users

That is not good for a service that is looking to the Big Audience in a very competitive market.

Hope for them, that they will change that soon or they will lose momentum.

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