I have found the first FEEDS READER with IMAGES

I have finally found the first FEEDS READER Widget that shows images !! I was looking for it since my first Netvibes page and now I have it working . Too cool !

Look at the image down there, I have chosen the Fubiz blog to show you th improvements.

On the left the "normal" feed reader from Netvibes with the "show details" option, then in the center the Premium Widget also from Netvibes. This tile it show images but just 3 at the times.
Then on the right the new Feed Reader Widget: as many images as you want (only jpg).

Imagine all your preferred Video, Sport, Fashion, Design, Art, Photography, Visual, Graphic ... blogs showing up in your Netvibes page with their images... Even Netviber Experience blog will has been enhanced ;)

But that is not all ! With this single Widget you can also :

1) merge different feeds, audio podcasts and video podcasts together
2) filter the displayed items.
3) show feeds on 1-2-3-4-5 columns ...
4) video player and an audio player are integrated in the widget.
5) read the articles directly in the widget too.

Available in English and French

A wonderful widget.

More to come!

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