Why Netvibes' Team's members prefer Twitter ?

It is some time that I "follow" Netvibes and slowly I happen to be in contact with some of the small Team that runs and builds Netvibes.

What I found surprising is that the majority of the Netvibes Team uses Twitter to chat between them when Netvibes with its Ginger release is now offering a similar service.

Why they continue to do so ?

  1. Twitter must be more friendly, easy, adapted to their use or it must give at least the same.
  2. Their Twitter friends are more numerous than their Netvibes one (that meaning that they were not able "to convert" they friends to Netvibes
  3. Old habits are stronger to change even for tech guys and girls
  4. The service offered by Netvibes "My community" is not appealing enough
  5. They do that just for me to ask ;)
In the mean time you can follow my own Twitter here.

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