What future for Netvibes ?

What would you do next if your international Web Startup had already reached today:

I do not know the answer that Tariq Krim, CEo and Founder of Netvibes, will give, but here is mine:
  1. I would try to get the maximum out from the CONTENT provided by the Users themselves!
  2. I will give my users the best possible web experience
  3. I will push for maximum integration with other web services
  4. Enlarge user base with focused and exclusive services
  5. Reinforce the Netvibes Brand
First moves:
  • Offer one of the Best Content Search of the Web by integrating the feeds collected by users and their Universes in the Netvibes Search Data base.
  • Add a TAG system to the Netvibes Universe (just 5 fields inspired by dmoz.org)
  • Give more freedom to users with the layout (offer a column free tab option; more varied and appealing themes, more icon to choose from,....
  • Encourage users to create and administer specific Focused Universes centred on let's say: Sports, Local News, Scientific topics, Educational, Games, Photos, Music ... that could be used by "less expert users" as their first start page.
  • Create a new rich "internal" Netvibes Channel exclusively dedicated to its users with exclusive content and services and dedicated to the promotion of already existing (in Netvibes) content
  • Launch a big user survey to understand what are the needs of actual and future users.
  • Offer more Netvibes users focused services as : direct friends messaging, boardmessage widget for the Universes, Universe backup, email alarm in the upper menu, feed reader with image,...
  • Create a new Friend' category: Best Friends (like in "real" life) that will be allowed to share a "private" Universe (let's call it: Galaxy)
All that has a Price and some targeted ads well positionned and planned could easily be accepted for such a great service still to come !

Whow, now I need some rest: let's check what my Netvibes friends have done in the meantime ;)

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