I want an option to read all my RSS feeds with an images in my Netvibes page

I want an option to read all my RSS feeds with an images on the side if existing.

Look this capture of the Netvibes Universe of Laurent Binard (Founder of Wikio):

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

all the feeds are published in details with an image on the side. And I want the same !
Is this made by Wikio ? I do not care I want it for all my graphic sites, Design, Fashion, Photos, DVD, Music ... You name it, I want it.

Please Mr Developers do something ! ;)


Franck Mahon said...

Actually those feeds have an image as enclosure (just like a mp3 for a podcast) or are using the yahoo media rss format which makes it quite easy to extract the picture from the feed and display it.
If the feed doesn't use those standards we would have to scan the full article to find an image to display... it'd be very time and cpu consuming (since it should be done for each article in each feed in each tab) and we wouldn't even be sure the image is accurate (could be a banner or a spacer maybe)

Netviber001 said...

Thanks Franck for you reply!

Of course, all feeds do not need the Image option.

So let's say I would like a Special Image & Feed reader Widget.

This widget should ( but I am not a programmer ;)) read the desired feed. Then search for the "description" tag then for the first "img src="htt://wxs""
This url should be then transformed in "enclosure url="http://xvs""

The image should also be formatted to be of a small size (I would adopt Wikio kind of size).
Only the first image following the description tag will be published.
The script will then go for the following description tag and so on...
I am sure is it not easy. But it must not be impossible as WidgetBox is proposing this service with their Bildget service (http://netviber.blogspot.com/2008/02/build-your-own-reader-of-feeds-with.html)

The problem with that widget is the size of the image that is too big.

If I insist with that Feed with Image idea is that will make feeds really sexy ;) and attract more potential users.
One thing is to read: "Curved iMac has your back…" another is to see the actual image ;): http://www.yankodesign.com/images/design_news/2008/02/29/iview.jpg

MML said...

The option you’re looking for does indeed exist over on Wikio! If you’re looking to read through all your RSS feeds, with any pre-existing images visible on the side, 1) simply log onto www.wikio.com, 2) click on Personalize Your Page at the right of the screen, 3) and the feed that interests you under “Add an RSS Feed” and 4) give a name to the tab you’ve just created. That’s about it, and you’re able to create tabs for as many feeds as you want!

Netviber001 said...

Thanks MML,
but I want to read my feeds in Netvibes.
I tried to export the RSS feed from Wikio but the result is the same as with the feed reader of Netvibes: no image :(

I am sure, I am not the only one, so I hope that some developers will have the time to do it ;)