Looking at Alltop.com and builded my own Fashion Tab on Netvibes


Looking for Content for Netvibes, I saw this new site created by Guy Kawaski (creator of Truemors) Alltop.com:

It is a nice looking Human Aggregation Content display of feeds presented by categories: Celebrities, Egos, Fashion, Sport, Tech ...

It has some interest for a New User of RSS,ATOM, FEDS, CONTENT...

Well, if you want to start somewhere to look for feeds you do not know already is Ok, but I still try to understand the interest for the Website owner... It is so easy to get away with the content ;)

I liked the Fashion theme, in fact I was thinking at what could interest my wife ;), so I just checked the 46 Feeds available and imported the Best in My Netvibes page (in one click with the FireFox plugin).
In just 10' I builded my own FASHION tab in my own Universe.

Then I added: some more feeds, a colour for French (Blue), Italian (Green) , German (Purple) and English (Blue) feeds, some search, videos and a shopping widget and here You can check here my new FASHION by NetEx Tab: http://www.netvibes.com/netviberexperience#FASHION_by_NetEx

The only advantage for Netvibes to present such kind of Content Pages would be to prevent its own users to get out of Netvibes searching for Content.

So, If you are looking for Good Fashion Feeds and RSS check this FASHION by NetEx Tab

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