Leave a short Note on My Netvibes Universe and get the Widget for yours


A few days ago I was looking for a simple way for my Friends to leave me a short note on my Netvibes Universe.

Thanks to Chris, I have the solution. It is not a Pure Netvibes Solution as we use a Pageflakes widget (they Call it Message Board Flake). Hey that is WEB3.0 !!

But the result is OK.

Try it, leave me the Url of your Universe so I can check it and get the Widget for your Netgvibes page and/or Universe with the SEND THIS MODULE option.

My Message Board is here. Hey, it works, already 2 messages ! Thanks!


JesusDQ said...

My solution is different... I create a simple cbox chat and paste the code in the HTML widget.
Cbox is less organized than your board and his free version only shows the latest 100 messages... but is another option to have feedback with the users.

Netviber001 said...

Hi JesusDQ,

Thanks for suggestion, I will try it.
By the way, it seems that if you copy My Message Board on your own Universe, you can write on it and continue the same discussion from your own Universe !!!

Chris Foley said...

A small correction--the hack you described uses a Pageflakes widget, not a Protopage one. Let's see how long it takes Netvibes to create their own comment widget....