List of things Netvibes' Ginger allows to do without a single click


Here is my long List of things that the Ginger release of Netvibes allows me to do, today, with not a single click, after launching my browser:

(Let's just assume that it is my own PC and that I have signed in to Netvibes before (with the option "remember me" on this PC and that I have set in my browser Netvibes as my homepage. Let's also assume that I have "prepared" my Netvibes page before for a later use with the right settings.)

  • read all the content of my first Tab of my Private Page :
  1. I can read all the titles and first lines of my Feeds from Media, Websites, Blogs, ...
  2. Look at Weather forecast for today and the 3 following days for as many cities in the world I have chosen.
  3. Have the Local time for as many cities I wanted.
  4. Have real-time traffic maps for any city that has such a service (Paris, London, Brussels,..).
  5. Read the objects of all my emails even on differenaccounts under different users
  6. Check my calendars
  7. Read my personal notes, to do, reminders,... with phone numbers, addresses, links, dates
  8. Read messages from others on a message board that is in my Public Universe
  9. Read a feed for of each of my Friend's Public Netvibes Activities and also mine (if you choose the option)
  10. Read Twitter and other social messaging services messages
  11. Read all kind of Data (Exchange rates, web traffic, graphs,) if they have been inserted in an appropriate widget
  12. look at fresh of the day Search results for: news, web, blog, videos, images on any subject you choose and fromany search engine I want
  13. I can look at all the fun widgets that i have put on my page (rabbits, cartoons, images, definitions, ..)
  14. I can listen to a mp3 player or web radio that opens as I my netvibes page is launched
  • I can see the number of feeds unread for each other of my tabs, if I have selected the option that charges also the other Tabs while looking at the first one.
Well that is my list, if you have other ideas please tell and I will add ;)

To be continued ... For posts: Things to do in Netvibes with 1 click.

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