Exclusive: NetEx blog is the first blog offering a "Star This Post" badge for Netvibes: 4*/5

A few weeks ago I was complaining ( ;) ) that I need a Netvibes activity badge to place on my blog .

Developer Sébastien Poivre (Gizmhail) has just sent me a test version and it is working!

As what I undestand it is working just for Blogger blogs and with FireFox but that is ok for a first draft ;)

Sébastien Poivre (Gizmhail) is also the author of the Netvibes Bookmarklets.
One of them works like the badge but you need to have installed in your FireFox .

NetEx rating: 4*/5
Perfect, just what I and other millions of Bloggers and readers need.
WordPress blogs will also have their own badge... And I am sure Tariq Krim will want one on his new blog ;)

I will report here the link to the definitive url for using this badge, when Sébastien will have a proper page for it.


Gizmhail said...

Thanks for sharing this NetEx !

To quickly give idea on how to implement this for other systems, the original bookmarklets should work with any system that doesn't modify the html we put in the blog entry templates (you will simply have to replace the document.location by the url of the entry, and only if this url is not the current url like for homepage with several entries, etc)

It is not the case with blogger, as it does some replacement to the html given to him....so you have to "prepare" the bookmarlet to survive those modifications ^_^ Just a matter of escaping characters like ', " and %...by the way, there is currently a problem when the comment or the shared page url contains a single quotes....it will be fixed as soon as I have some time ;-)

NetEx said...

Thanks Sébastien, but for me it is too complicated...

Just liked the idea to have some copy/paste to do... When you are ready with the instructions let me know :)

Gizmhail said...

Sorry, I wasn't clear :)

You can visit this page (I'll add it to the main page as a link later) : http://netvibes.poivre.name/formatSource.php

Here is what you will find in it :

First, you've got the bookmarklet : simply drag and drop it in your browser (Firefox only currently).

Then, you've got the bookmarklet "code" (what you see if you look at the page source) : if you want to add a badge in doclear, wordpress, or almost all other systems, you can use it to share the current url (to share an item url, it depends on the system you're wishing to use but it is pretty straightforward, or you can simply tell me what is your target system and I'll add it explicitely ;-) ).

Then, you've got the blogger badge code, already ready for use.

Finally, you'll find the code, in a readable format, to know what is happening when you click for curious people ;-)

You can find the same thing (except badge, as I though it is not useful in that case) for status change :