I need a Netvibes' activity badge to put on my weblog or my website

I just added a couple of icon at the end of each post to let you "Bookmark it" with the service you prefer... There is one service missing: Netvibes :(

So, I need a Netvibes' activity ("save this link in Netvibes") badge to put it near the others.

The little yellow star that I have in my FireFox toolbar with the add2netvibes extension is doing the same job but I want to offer (and all other websites could do the same) the same service to Internet Explorer and other browsers users.

I tried to add the code of the "Share Url bookmarklet" but Blogger does not like it :(

Can someone find a solution ? Thanks in advance.


Greg said...

Cross-browser compatibility is the bane of my existence.

Gizmhail said...

Hi NetEx !

Could you try this concerning your badge need ? : http://netvibes.poivre.name/blogger.txt

I tried to adapt the bookmarklet for your usage, and it worked on a test blogger blog.

Of course, it still only work with Firefox.
By the way, I looked a bit how to port this to Internet Explorer, and there will be a difficulty : in IE7, "prompt" javascript function has been disabled by default...so either bookmarklet with be more difficult to use (a confirm will be needed for each use), or I'll have to replace the prompt by an html form inclusion (or I could also make a version without user inputs to fill comment for IE users...)