2 new bookmarklet for your Netvibes: Share url and Update Status 4*/5

If you are a FireFox user and have a Netvibes page, there 2 new bookmarklets for you.

A bookmarklet is a small application that is stored in your own browser (here FireFox) as a bookmark.

A French (?) developer GIZMHAIL has just finished them and they are still warm...

1) "Netvibes activity post bookmarklet" : simply allows you to update your status, without being in your Netvibes page.
If you click on it in your browser bookmark bar (no matter what page you're on), you'll be asked to write your message (ie. your new Netvibes activities status), and it will be pushed to your public activities.
An useful feature is that the text you'll have to write will be filled by default by the text currently selected in your browser, if any.

This Bookmarklet, that in my own browser I have renamed as: Netvibes2 Update Status, is useful if you do not want to go back to your netvibes page to change your status.

To test it click here (must have have logged to Netvibes before) : Netvibes activity post bookmarklet - By Gizmhail

2) "Netvibes activity favorite bookmarklet":
If you fall upon an interesting page (but not necessarily found through your Netvibes feeds
), simply click on your bookmarklet in your browser bookmark bar to share the url where you currently are. You will have the opportunity to add a comment"

This one is also a useful bookmarklet, that I renamed Netvibes2 Share Url.

But :( in my browser, this bookmarklet is duplicating the STAR button on the new Netvibes ADD2NETVIBES extension for FF ( http://eco.netvibes.com/extensions/fire … -0.8.0.xpi )
The only advantage for this bookmarklet is that if you have selected some text on the page you want to share, this same text will be the comment of your starring. I like it for that .

To test it click here (must have have logged to Netvibes before) : Netvibes activity favorite bookmarklet - By Gizmhail

NetEx Rating: 4*/5 for an easy and user friendly application .
I hope that in the future they can be integrated in the Add2Netvibes extension !


Simply drag (click left) and drop the following links up in your FireFox bookmark bar

Netvibes activity post bookmarklet - By Gizmhail Update Status

Netvibes activity favorite bookmarklet - By Gizmhail Share Url

The bookmarklets are ready for use ! (you need to have logged in on your Netvibes during the session of course to make them work).
You can also rename them.

The original post presenting the Bookmarklets in the Developers Forum is here


Gizmhail said...

Thanks for quoting this in your blog NetEx :) !

And yes, you were right, I'm french :o)

PS : I discovered a bug in the activities widget thanks to you ^_^ : you've shared in your activities a comment about the bookmarklet page, with the correct url...but when it appears in the activities widget, the ")" surrounding the url is appened to it...misleading the browser to a wrong url :)

NetEx said...

always pleased to help :)