First Content presentation from Netvibes: very poor and boring

After monthes of my points about Netvibes lacking of human content propositions, Netvibes is trying to build some Content Offer.

Yesterday, a first post in the Netvibes blog, titled : This way Girl, was presenting a simple selection of 9 different sources about what the poster, Diane, called , feminine websites.

Other Content will be Sport, Video Games ...

The reactions to the "unserious tone" of the Post was not well received by some of the Netvibes aficionadas accusing the post to be sexist. I will not participate to this debate ...

But, I have to say that this is content presentation it is a very poor presentation: a Blog presentation.

Just a list with links to the old Netvibes ecosystem.

If you like the widget you have to click on add to Netvibes. This means that you loose the Blog page you were in :( and that you open a second page of your Netvibes. To add the second widget, you have to come back to the Blog page and do it again the same process: Boring !

The best part was the Cartoon style image. Who is the author ?

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