I want a Summize Widget not on Twitter but on all Netvibes users updates !

I really like the Netvibes' Summize Widget that I presented yesterday.

I have 4 copies of it: 1) with search "netvibes" , 2) with "netviber" , 3) with my city and 4) with the search of the day : "hot" (check the capture)

It is creazy how many people are Twittering near you (your city) or are using the same expression (hot)!!

I have "followed" a few of them and, who knows, they could become "friends"...

Now, imagine the same service offered by Netvibes with a search on all our Netvibes users public updates : that would be also an easy and yet massive source of information !

And it would be also another "competitive advantage" for Netvibes ;)

PS: one of the most searched string is possibly "iphone", strange no ?

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