SCOOP: Netvibes widget will record your videos within your Netvibes page and then post them to Seesmic

SCOOP: A new Netvibes widget will allow you to recording your videos/webcams within your Netvibes page and then post them to the Seesmic video platform.

This widget is coming from the San Francisco office of Netvibes.

Some recent test videos are here:

and here:

Seesmic, a video chat service, was founded in September 2007 by serial entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur. In addition to his successful track record with start-ups, Loic is also one of Europe’s best-known bloggers and founder of LeWeb3, the largest European conference focused on rising stars and established players on the Web (over 2000 participants from 40 Countries at the last edition). Loic also served as Internet advisor to French President Sarkozy and serves as an advisor to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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