Does Netvibes needs a Community Manager ?

As Netvibes, like other Web 2.0 services as Flickr or Twitter, continues to have problems
(check the GetSatisfaction page on Netvibes and here is the copy/paste from Summize widget on twitter posts about Netvibes):

RomainCourtois: @pressecitrion moi aussi netvibes s ouvre pas sous ie et FF - 3 minutes ago

PhilippeMartin: mardi c'était Twitter, hier Flickr et aujourd'hui c'est Netvibes qui est down - 13 minutes ago

Daniel8802: so for example, if I go to netvibes.com, the page just constantly refreshes and I cannot do anything on there. - about 2 hours ago

Rodzilla: anyone else use netvibes, it continuously refreshes the page, really annoying. - about 2 hours ago

Some specialist are advising all these service to create a COMMUNITY MANAGER:

"While the management has been kind of accessible, they really need someone who’s smack dab in the middle of the folks that use the product on a daily basis.

They need someone who’ll communicate constantly what’s going on and help even more so maintain this relationship.

Twitter (or Netvibes) is obviously a tool that folks depend on so it’s extra important to give special attention to the community and it’s feelings about it.

It’s all too easy for a community to turn on a product and move somewhere else (=>iGoogle+Google Reader)."

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