New Netvibes' Summize widget to search all Twitter posts: NetEx rating=4*/5

I was testing a new "real time" search service, called SUMMIZE, that searches all public posts of TWITTER the cool and trendy Instant Messaging that you can use with your mobile or the web.

Now, Netvibes has just published a clean Summize Widget with the search already setted on "netvibes" ;) Of course, you can put what you want: your name, your city, your country, ...

You do not need to have registred with Twitter unless you want to write something yourself.

You can not leave the search blanck (and hope to follow Twitter on line) as the widget will reinstall "netvibes".

It is nice that with this Netvibes Summize widget you can star and comment in your Netvibes a Twitter message of someone you are not following with Twitter.

There is also an option by which you can select a user and get all the posts he made with that search string.

NetEx Rating: 4*/5

For this new, clean and simple Netvibes' Widget that let's you follow on Twitter the subject that you are interested in. (Would love to have a count message read and the possibility to change the title to include the search string ;) )

Install this widget by clicking here : Add to Netvibes
and It will be added in my REAL ESSENTIAL WIDGETS (and extensions) Tab on my Universe.

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