The Scaling problem affects not only Netvibes but also other Social applications like Twitter

The problems that many Netvibes user are facing in connecting to their Netvibes page (see my previous post) is with great probability linked to a Difficult Scaling process.

Like all Netvibes' users I have access only to public news from Netvibes: corporate website, blogs, ... and nowhere I found anything interesting on the technical side of Netvibes.
So, it is jsut a matter of guessing...

But, reading the Web 2.0 news you understand that the big scaling problem Netvibes is finding these days with the upgrade and functioning of its Ginger release is not limited to Netvibes but it is spread to all Social Services and Applications.

If you are interested, read this very interesting post on "how to make Twitter scale" (Twitter and the Architectural Challenges of Life Streaming Applications , written by Alex Iskold for ReadWriteWeb ). You will understand how data have to be distributed and why problems occur.,

Could somebody from Netvibes confirm or deny and give Netvibes'users more news on this and other technical subjects ?

I am sure that it is easier to accept a problem when you know and you are informed than the contrary ;)

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