Why Netvibes is not aiming at becoming "ZE Trendy Homepage"

I was looking at the new set of Artistic Theme for iGoogle (the homepage of Google) .
As you can see from my capture "Artist" is a quite vague term for Google ;)

From Dolce & Gabbana' fur to cyclist Lance Amstrong or from Anne Geddes' baby to Jackie Chan' cartoon... well not my cup of tea.

Now imagine Netvibes, based in trendy and fashionista Paris, coming with themes from Designers, Architects, Illustrators with the aim for Netvibes to become also Ze Trendy Homepage ... Not a bad idea ...

You could tell me that Netvibes themes are already there, that they are ok ... Well, they are just Ok, but not special, not trendy... And if you want to make a difference ...

You can check Netvibes Themes and Wallpapers in the Setting option , just on the right of the search.

When I see Karine' Netvibes Universe I am inspired and I would love to charge a Theme from her and perhaps have a choice in the Blues, the Greens, the Reds ... (but not the Yellows of today layout, sorry I do not like yellow)

Now, If you really want a theme from the Google collection, you can get it if: you have a Google identity, then you go on the theme page, you choose one and when you get it on your igoogle page, you do a right click, you check the properties, where you find the url of the image, then you copy paste in your Netvibes settings ... that's all ;)

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