the "Netvibes Universe Way" to Content

If the Content presentation made by Netvibes was poor and boring to use, there was a solution.

A one click solution for the end user: the Netvibes Universe way

Just use the Netvibes public page !

So that is what I have done for you: I checked all the widgets proposed in the netvibes Blog post, added them on my Netvibes page one by one . This way the end user, you, are saved the boring part of the process and by just clicking here:


you will access one of my Universes with the specific Tab.

So Netvibes Blog post should not be abolished , as they work better with Google :) , but the Netvibes Universe Way should used every time to save time to the end user.


Anonymous said...

maybe you should add a target="_blank" to your public page link TO NOT LOOSE your blog post as you complain in your previous blog post...

NetEx said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Done ! :)