Paul Adams of Blog.Wired.com uses Netvibes as his daily feed aggregator. And you ?

I was reading this in a post from Paul Adams of Blog.Wired.com (one of the Blogs of Wired, ZE Web magazine) :

"....I don't mean to pick on Netvibes. I use it as my daily feed aggregator. I enjoy its features, I've created my own custom modules, and it makes my life significantly more convenient.

But I've seen that message above a few times lately. It's exactly because I enjoy Netvibes that I risk becoming dependent on it, and hence being a victim of outages and whatnot..."

This post was complaining for an : " Sorry, we are unable to connect you to Netvibes" outage sign that we all have seen at least once ;)

If you want to add the Blog.Wired.com widget to your Netvibes page click here: Add to Netvibes

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