All Search Results in one tab: an approach that Netvibes should follow.

I just discovered
Addict-o-matic a new Web 2.0 aggregate search site that presents the search' results in a perfect "Netvibes style" in a single tab with indivual search widgets .

As you can see from the capture, I have tested it with the "netviber experience" string ;)
You can move the widgets like in your Netvibes and you can delete them.

I would love to have something similar in my Netvibes page.

In fact, I have already built a Tab Search in my Netvibes page that I have setted with the "netviber experience" string but I had to do it by hand. If I wanted a new string I would have to change the search string in every widget. And to check at the same time a Web search in Google and one in Yahoo I have to have 2 different search widgets.

Another solution, is to go in add content where you can do the search with the string you want and Netvibes will provide you on the left a choice of search type with all the searches setted to your string.

But you will have to add all the search widgets one by one to your search Tab ... and for each new search you will have to do same :(

In conclusion, I am sure thet this Search Result all in a tab approach will add more User Friendlyness to our loved Netvibes

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